Bio of Daniel Fox Franke

Facial portrait 1 Facial portrait 2
(Photos by Jeninne Cathers)

I’m a security researcher specializing in cryptography. My job, in essence, is to help engineers write crypto that’s less broken. I make frequent use of formal methods toolkits such as ProVerif, Alloy, and KLEE.

I write my code in Haskell any time I can get away with it, and I’m a regular attendee at the meetups. I’ve contributed bits of code to various widely-used Haskell libraries, including the GHC standard libraries.

I am the author of EARWORM, a candidate in the Password Hashing Competition.

I’m and . Back in the day, I was dfranke on Hacker News. I rarely post there any more but still lurk, and was once notorious as the author of How I Hacked Hacker News, which for quite a while held the record as the most-upvoted post in the history of the site.

I am an avid outdoorsman; I trail-run, hike, swim, shoot, ski cross-country, and mush dogs. My home-away-from-home is on Lake Laberge (of Sam McGee fame) in Canada’s Yukon Territory, mushing with the . In 2003 I swam to shore from Alcatraz Island as part of a triathlon relay team. I’m working my way through the New Hampshire 4000 Footers List, aiming to do them all in the winter.

There are a few other Daniel Frankes out there; I’m not the artist from Berlin, the MIT grad student, or the GCC maintainer. However, “Daniel Fox Franke”, with the inclusion of the middle name, is to the best of my knowledge a globally-unique identifier.